The Journey Begins

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

My name is Kirsten, and I am here to add some passion, understanding, and humor to your world. If you want the details, check out my about me section. Ultimately, you’ll get to know me better by following along here. I’ll make sure it’s not boring or anything like that.

In my little fantasy world, this is a place to share and learn. Learn what? Share..? Being someone with a multitude of skills and passions (many many many many many, I want to know and do almost everything), you can expect a little of everything, but a big focus on things like…

  • Learn about English! There are thousands and thousands of sites that can help you learn and improve English, but having another is ALWAYS helpful. Every English speaker speaks a little differently and has a different perspective. Their insights may be the light bulb (insight) you need to really get it (understand). I’m passionate about language, and a certified TEFL teacher with several years experience teaching. Business, professional, casual, adults and children and teens, gotta teach ’em all!
  • Science vs Junk Science! While my BSc Biology degree is still in-progress, my love of complex systems and reading journal studies keeps me going. My undying hatred of junk science and turning-a-mole-hill-into-a-mountain-of-evidence means I will battle these beasts to the metaphoric death whenever possible.
  •  Making Stuff! All I want for Christmas is a circular saw. And a table saw. And a router. New batteries for my drill. Over-sized crochet needles. More yarn. A new bobbin case for my sewing machine. Nicer watercolors and 100% cotton rag paper for them. Oh, some decent brushes too. And some furniture paint. And wood to make some garden planters and a new table. It’s time to renew our brewing supplies too, and maybe cheese cloth and cheese supplies… Yea. Ambitious is my third middle name.
  • Cultural Luuuuuv! Please, kindly be seated and we shall discuss the finer merits of exquisite cuisines, artisanal beverages, and works of literary and musical genius. Perhaps we may while away the time discussing various role-playing entertainments. Pen and paper, video, online? Such a plenitude of cultural pastimes to engage the senses as we journey together!

So stick around, prepare yourself for enjoyment. Welcome to my world, where I shall muse methodically with you.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Mont Royal Montreal
Mont Royal, Montreal, © by Kirsten R

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